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About Tushar Contracting Inc.
Founded in 2006, Tushar Contracting Inc. is a Southern Utah based general contractor and construction management company offering Carpentry Framing - Repair services. Integrity, Fairness and Quality are the characteristices that distinguish Tushar Contracting Inc. as a Leading Carpentry Framing - Repair Company. We pride ourselves in maintaining open and Honest lines of Communication with our clients. Tushar Contracting Inc. goal is to provide a higher level of service than is found with any other company in the construction industry. For superior Carpentry Framing - Repair services call today (435) 438-4245.
What Makes Us Unique?
Tushar Contracting Inc. pay close attention to the fine details while delivering cost-effective Carpentry Framing - Repair services to our clients on a long term basis. The client relationships that Tushar Contracting Inc. have developed over the years are as important to us as the jobs themselves. From start to finish, every Carpentry Framing - Repair project receives Tushar Contracting Inc. utmost care and attention. For superior Carpentry Framing - Repair services call today (435) 438-4245.
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- Addition to Existing Structure - Build
- Carpentry Framing - Install
- Carpentry Framing - Repair
- Commercial Construction
- Concrete - Install
- Concrete Driveways, Patios, Walks and Floors - Install
- Concrete Driveways, Patios, Walks and Floors - Removal
- Concrete Foundation - Install
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Carpentry framing repair is crucial to the stability of any building. If there are repairs to be done, be smart. Let us help you find the professionals that can make these important repairs which will not only guarantee your safety but save you hard earned money.

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