The materials used in our home were of the very best quality, and there were no corners cut in completing any project within the home, both inside or outside. Everyone who works for Nate has told us that they prefer working for him over all other contractors because of his caring attitude. We recommend Nate Robinson very highly as a building contractor because of the awesome home we now have. Nate is so honest and of high integrity, that we never had to worry about getting anything less than the very best home, both in cost and quality. We will always use and recommend Nate for future building projects with ourselves, our family, and our friends.

Mary and Jean BanksWhite Insurance Agency Homeowners

Tushar Contracting Inc. has recently completed a renovation project of our office building for White Insurance Agency. This project was completed in a timely manner and stayed within the contract bid. The quality of workmanship is excellent and we are extremely satisfied. During the project and later at the completion of the project, Mr. Robinson met with us to make sure all our expectations were met. We highly recommend Nathan Robinson and Tushar Contracting Inc. as a qualified contractor who is both honest and dependable.

Joseph White

I could not be more pleased with the results and my experience working with Nate Robinson and his employees. Beginning on day one, from when we sat down with plans to the day he handed me the key I was impressed and grateful for his integrity. Even though a contract was signed, it felt like we could have proceeded to build with a mere handshake and I would have still been at ease. I give my highest recommendation to Tushar Contracting and Nate Robinson. He exemplified integrity, honesty, commitment, organization, and most importantly a quality product that I am grateful to own.

David MynttiBoulder Town

Tushar Contracting’s attention do detail throughout the entire project was impressive. They provided us with a schedule for the work, to which they remained faithful… The project was finished well ahead of the deadline set by the contract. Throughout the entire project, Nate Robinson’s personal integrity was evident. He didn’t cut corners, either in work or materials. His employees were hard-working men and reflected his standards. Everything his company did was of the highest quality, and we highly recommend Tushar Contracting.

Bill MuseMayor

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